About Us

We are full service bookkeeping business located in Clipper Mills, CA just outside the Greater Sacramento, CA area. However, due to the miracle of cloud based technology we can service throughout the United States. QuickBooks Online is at the center of our service we are able to integrate other apps with functionality and security. Which gives our customers more greater ability to increase profitability and reduce tax obligations

I graduated with a degree in accounting/business management in 2004. Soon after, I started a tax preparation business. I am a believer in rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s… But not a penny more. After reviewing the statements and talking to my clients, I found that many of my client’s books were not properly recording all of the expenses. I wanted to do something about it, so I started a bookkeeping business to help these clients.

My passion is to help my clients increase productivity, realize profitability, and reduce tax liability. We help increase productivity by eliminating the tasks of properly recording their transactions, thereby allowing clients to do what they do best, serving their customers. We assist our clients in realizing profitability by providing reporting to analyze and focus their activities to more profitable projects. Finally, we reduce tax liabilities by a proper accounting of transactions and expenses. We look forward to assisting you also. Take the first step by booking an appointment now.


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